Tony Khan Discusses Sammy Guevara8217s Comment About Sasha Banks, PAC Status, Chris Jericho vs. Mike Tyson

In an interview with The New York Post, Tony Khan discussed how he found Sammy Guevara’s rape comment about Sasha Banks “horrible” and that he didn’t know about the comment until they recently resurfaced, and also provided an update on the status of PAC and Mike Tyson vs. Chris Jericho. Highlights are below.

On Sammy Guevara’s rape comment about Sasha Banks: “With Sammy, I think the right thing to do was to suspend him. The comments he made were horrible. I cant defend them. I cant even comment on them because theyre unspeakably bad. He has also done a different kind of counseling and hes in a different kind of counseling and its a different kind of coaching. Everybody here, male and female pretty much up and down the roster we talked to felt like Sammy had no history of this kind of behavior. Really people were shocked Sammy had said that.

Certainly, its an old clip. I think the video was four years old. I had never seen that video and its something I would have addressed with him before Sammy started here. I never had an opportunity to address it because I didnt know it existed and neither did anybody else or if they did nobody told us.”

On the AEW status of PAC: “I really miss PAC a lot. Right now the border is not a great situation. As I understand it, if he were to go back to England, if he were to come here and he was able to get in, do a quarantine after travel then he would also, when he tried to go home, hed be in a two-week quarantine before he could do anything. So it just doesnt seem like a sustainable situation right now because PAC lives in England, so until travel is sustainable and he could do what he used to do, which is come here and stay and do a few shows and then go back to England and really commute across the Atlantic, its very challenging right now. Until it becomes safe to travel back and forth for PAC to make those trips internationally, until the border is really ready, I dont think we can rush him back even though wed love to have him.”

On still wanting to do a Chris Jericho vs. Mike Tyson match: “I like Mike a lot. Mike did a great job on Double of Nothing and I think there was a great amount of publicity and the show did very well. I have to attribute something to Mikes presence there. I really think the world of Mike and Id love to have Mike back if we could ever work it out. Theres a lot of great matches out there in the future, but if we could ever put Mike and Chris together and do Tyson vs. Jericho, I think it would be great.”

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