Thunder Rosa Discusses Hana Kimura Taking Care Of Her After A Concussion In Japan, Her Reaction To Hana8217s Passing, Favorite Memories Of Her

In a recent interview on Talk Is Jericho, Thunder Rosa discussed Hana Kimura taking care of her after getting a concussion in Japan, how she felt when she learned of Hana’s passing, her memories of Hana, and much more. You can read her comments below.

Thunder Rosa on Hana Kimura helping to take care of her after getting a concussion in Japan: “It was a tag match and I think I got hit in the head really hard. Like three days after, I got really, really sick. And then the general manager talked to the promoter and was like ‘You need to take her to the hospital, like now.’ She called the amublance and when I got in the ambulance I started throwing up and he was like ‘You’ve got a concussion.’ After the whole month I was out there – Hana was my nurse.”

On learning about Hana’s passing: “She was the sweetest thing ever, and it hurt me. At first, my husband told me ‘Hey, Hana died’ and I felt so bad because one of my friends sent me a screenshot of the one before her last tweet and it was the one of her cutting herself. Her legs were cut, her wrists were cut. It was horrible. I worked with people like that before. I was a social worker and a lot of those girls committed suicide – kids committed suicide. So for me when I saw that and I didn’t send her an IG message or a tweet, I felt terrible when I heard that she died. Because even if I said ‘Hey, are you OK, if you need to talk to anybody I’m here.’ I feel really bad because she took care of me when I literally could’ve died because I was by myself because everyone went on tour. And she came and took care of me.”

On her memories of Hana: “She was bubbly and happy – always happy. She was beautiful. The last time I saw her, I looked at her and we were on the train and I was like I can’t believe how beautiful she looks. She’s just glowing and growing into a big star. It’s really sad she’s no longer with us. She was just funny. She was so full of energy and life and I never saw her in a bad mood either. Never ever ever. She was very honest and had no filter. She had no filter. Her mom really helped her to create that star and then with her persona and her wrestling skills, she became one of her own.”

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