THE UNDERTAKER: The Undertaker ruffles a few feathers with comments on Joe Rogan podcast

Posted on 1/22/121 by Colin Vassallo

During the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, The Undertaker
ruffled some feathers, comparing the men backstage during
his time to todays generationand it was not pretty.

In the era of guys, too, those were men. You go into a
dressing room nowadays and it is a lot different, Taker
told Rogan. I remember walking into my first real dressing
room and all I saw were some crusty f*cking men, half of
them had guns and knives in their bags. Shit got handled
back then.

Then came the zinger at todays crop of WWE Superstars. Now
you walk in, there are guys playing video games and f*cking
making sure they look pretty, Taker added, holding nothing
back. Its evolution, I guess. I dont know what it is, but
I just like those eras, man. I liked when men were men.

Xavier Woods, who is known to be one of those men playing
video games backstage, didnt appreciate the comment much.

I wouldnt be the person that I am without the guidance and
lessons of a few key people from the previous generation of
wrestling, Woods wrote in a tweet. They taught me about
the business, to save my money, & that having video games in
the locker room is healthier than having [redacted]. Thank
you guys.

The Undertaker also said that he tries to follow everything
WWE but its tough for him right now because the product is
kinda soft. He admitted that hes probably going to piss a
lot of people off for saying this but they need to hear it
one way or another.

I just think the product is a little soft. Theres
obviously guys here and there that have an edge to them, but
theres too much pretty and not enough substance I think
right now, he said.

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