The Top 10 Most Watched WWE Network Shows of The Week 205 Live Drops

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, here are the top 10 most watched WWE Network shows of the week (according to VOD viewing)

1. Hell in a Cell
2. Hell in a Cell post-game show
3. Hell in a Cell pre-game show
4. Story Time episode three
5. Story Time episode four
6. No Mercy 2017
7. NXT from 10/4
8. Story Time episode two
9. Story Time episode one
10. WrestleMania 2017

* NOTE: 205 Live was down to 15th place this week, behind an Asuka special and a NXT episode from a few years ago that they were pushing on the network which had Asukas NXT debut on it. It was also behind this years Summerslam show.

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