The Rock Releases Video Introducing Team USA For The Olympics, Says They Inspire Him

Nick Dinsmore On Getting To Work With The Rock

During his appearance on It’s My Wrestling Podcast, Nick Dinsmore spoke on getting to work with The Rock. Here’s what he had to say:

Sylvain Grenier told me not to say anything but theyre gonna try to bring the rock in for the segment with you. and I thought, hes not coming. Theres no way to bring the rock in as a secret. And then someones like, well if the rock cant make it, theyre going to use Rhino and no knock on Rhino but rhinos no rock. Im like, itll be Rhino but itll be fine. Itll be good, and then rock shows up. Oh my god, he did show up, you know, so we went over our stuff, we talked about it, and he was working with Brian Gerwitz and I was running around to other places, working on the other segments that I was doing. And then we come back into the room where Vurwitz and rock were and we go through it I have one line. One line and I missed it every time. The Rock would go and then look at me. I forgot again. He just puts the mic by his side he walks past and says your lines next, and just said it to me. I met him shook his hand but for him to come down and help somebody and give somebody a pull up who he didnt know that he didnt have to do -he probably had to take time out of a busy schedule to come down there I mean it was something that he did for the business but it was something that made Eugene and I had my career to thank for him because WWE gave Eugene the platform but it was the rock that made me a made man.

You can listen HERE.

Credit: It’s My Wrestling Podcast. H/T 411Mania.

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