The Inner Circle Take Over Being the Elite Reca

The latest edition of Being the Elite is actually called ‘Being the Inner Circle’, because Chris Jericho’s group have taken over.

– The video opens with Leva Bates reading a book to Ortiz, Santana and Sammy Guevara. They reveal that in the past week they’ve learned ‘don’t kidnap people’ and take a selfie together.

– The three make fun of Being the Elite, which Guevara feels ‘fell off when AEW started.’

– Jake Hager is editing the episode in real time, but doesn’t seem to take criticism well.

– They even have their own mailbag. Jake Hager is asked when he’ll wrestle but he doesn’t answer.

– As they debate doing another episode next week, Santana teases doing a magic trick. Instead, Nick Jackson magically appears and causes Santana to wear a Young Bucks t-shirt. The Inner Circle run away, and Brandon Cutler later finds the camera.

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