The IIconics Are Just As Close In Real Life As Their Characters Are

In the latest episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, The IIconics (Peyton Royce and Billie Kay) spoke about how close they are in real life and how their friendship mirrors their relationship as tag team partners. Here are highlights:

Billie Kay on how much time they spend together: “We spend all our time together. Every minute. And like, we travel together, everyone knows that. If you follow us on Instagram, we’re always shooting stuff on our phones and stuff. So we travel together and we work together but we honestly spend our off days together. She’s the only person that I really want to see on my off days. That’s how deep this connection and sisterhood really goes for us. It’s not just ‘oh we’re a tag team in storylines and on TV.’ No, this is actually real. This has been fifteen years in the making. We really do consume each other’s lives. And we spend every single second together.”

Peyton Royce on catching up after such short time: “And it’s funny sometimes we’ll go from TVs to home and you’re only home for two days before you go back out on the road. Well sometimes when you do get those four days at home, and we have so many errands and things to do and we actually don’t get to catch up, it’s funny we get to the airport on the next day to fly out and we literally have lists, notes in our phones on what we have to catch each other up on. And we just sit in the airport as if we haven’t seen each other in years. It’s one of my favorite things to do.”

Peyton Royce on accomplishing goals: “We’ve had so many goals and things that we’ve wanted to achieve since we’ve started in NXT and honestly since we debuted one year ago tomorrow on Smackdown. Up until this point we have ticked so many things off our accomplishment to-do list. Wrestle in front of our family in our home country and to win on top of that with our families in front row. Compete on a PPV. Debuting on a show after Wrestlemania. The tag team division, it being created. That it something I think everyone knows we have been pushing for for years, so the fact that that was even created and then Wrestlemania. Winning a championship at Wrestlemania. It was so funny though, we had to ask the Usos, ‘How do we hold these?'”

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