THE FINAL FAREWELL: The Undertaker left in the dark over tonights Final Farewell plans

Posted on 11/22/120 by Colin Vassallo

Tonight is the night where wrestling fans all around the
world will say goodbye to the character of The Undertaker,
as the final farewell takes place at the Survivor Series, 30
years to the date of his debut.

But whats going to happen? What is planned? Well, nobody
knows that, and even The Undertaker has been left in the
dark about it.

Speaking to the Sports Illustrated podcast ahead of
tonights show, Taker admitted that the information he has
is the same as the one the general public has!

Hmmthe only thing I can safely say is at some point I will
make an entrance and go to the ring and address the WWE
Universe, Taker said when asked what the plan is. And
thats about as much as I know right nowto tell you the

What we also know is that a bunch of former colleagues are
also being flown in for the evening, including members of
the BSK Bone Street Krew who were part of The
Undertakers inner circle back in the day. If they appear on
camera or are there for any WWE Network specials remains to
be seen though.

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