Terry Funk Returned to the Ring Last Night

PWInsider has a report on Terry Funk returning to the ring at last night’s Big Time Wrestling event. The show was held at the Dorton Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Funk teamed up with the Rock N’ Roll Express against Jerry Lawler, Brian Christopher, and Doug Gilbert at the event. During the match, Funk reportedly pulled off Christopher’s belt and beat him with it, causing Christopher’s pants to fall off as he was being beaten. The match reportedly went “all over the place.” Eventually, the bell rank and Funk’s team was named the winners by disqualification due to Lawler attacking a referee. The action continued when Funk delivered a piledriver on Lawler. Funk then beat up and piledrived a group of referees.

The show then ended with Funk thanking the fans for giving “an old fart” some new life. About 900 people were said to be in attendance for the event, which was down from the last BTW event in Raleigh.

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