Teddy Hart Sentenced to 10 Days Prison, Gets Arrested After Incarceration

Teddy Hart is finding new levels to his legal trouble, getting sentenced to 10 days in prison and then getting arrested again on another charge after his incarceration. PWInsider reports that the MLW alumnus was sentenced on September 10th after a hearing in Richmond City, Virginia’s criminal division of circuit court. That sentence was the result of a March 4th arrest where he was found guilty of violating his house arrest; he was also fined $21 for not carrying or exhibiting his driver’s license or registration during a February 12th arrest and $61 for failure to use lights with wipers. That February arrest originally had charges of marijuana possession and improperly mounted license plates, but these were dropped after it was ruled that there was not sufficient evidence to pursue the charges.

During that same hearing, it was ruled that there was probably cause in regard to charges of a schedule III narcotic and possession with intent to sell or distribute. Those charages will now move on to a grand jury to decide if official charges should be brought. According to reports at the time, Hart’s car was searched and the aforemtioned marijuana was found along with steroids; anabolic steroids do fall under the schedule III classification in Virginia. Hart had claimed in a video released at the time that he had a “prescription” but didn’t say what it was for.

The day after the hearing, on September 11th, Hart was arrested after being processed into Richmond County Jail. This arrest is on charges of being a fugitive from justice, which he was declared on May 4th. Hard is scheduled for a hearing on that arrest on October 1th.

The report also notes that Hart’s arrest on March 26th after a domestic incident with Maria Manic are not reflected in any court notes, so it appears the charges had been dropped. Manic said in a video posted to YouTube (now deleted) that the matter was overblown and she didn’t want charges pressed.

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