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Brian Cage Reminisces On His Lucha Underground Days: “It Was Phenomenal”

AEW star and former IMPACT world champion Brian Cage recently spoke with the Dynamite Download podcast about a number of different topics, including how much he misses Lucha Underground, a promotion the Machine calls unmatched in terms of atmosphere and roster. Hear his full thoughts on the subject below.

Says Lucha Underground was the best experience:

I didnt feel the way I thought I would feel at like five-years-old to be a professional wrestler until Lucha Underground. So that for sure was the first time I was like, I made it and this is oh sh*t, this is what pro wrestling is supposed to feel like. I love AEW, the treatment there, the backstage stuff, the company in itself as a whole but I think still to this day, Lucha Underground is hands-down probably the best thing.

Thinks he would have still be at Lucha Underground had they not folded:

Not only product-wise but just like the attitude, the atmosphere. Its never any other independent show, major company ever has had such just an overall awesome feel 24/7 and I dont think itll ever be beat and I always said dude, if they wouldve had the channel and even more for the budget, [similar] to an AEW we would be talking about Lucha Underground still right now because youd be interviewing me from there instead of anywhere else. It was so great and I think that was probably especially season two, season three, I dont know if any company can compete with that roster that they had. It was phenomenal so

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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