Sydal No One Can Do What I Can Do

Riju Dasgupta and Sportskeeda recently interviewed Matt Sydal. Below are some highlights.

Sydal on his move to GFW: “It was just the perfect opportunity to have a platform to tell people how I feel, what I think and a great platform to get my message across that we are all one, that you should trust yourself and question authority.”

Sydal on if he’s interested in turning heel: “You know Id be all about that if there were guys who could take my place as a babyface but there is no one that can step into my shoes. Theres no one who can do what I do. So, theres plenty of good heels in the business. I dont see guys who can get fans to rally behind them like I do. Its hard. Its the hardest job in the business and Im doing it every single night. I dont take shortcuts. I dont take the easy way out. Im not looking for the short answers. Im looking for the big answers for the questions that are hard to ask. Ive been in this game since 1999. I will be in this game for the years to come. So, Ive got a lot of experience and Im still learning lots.”

Matt Sydal on Kofi Kingston being in The New Day: “Yeah of course, and I mean Xavier Woods and Big E are guys I know also. I mean honestly, if New Day were to ever get a new member, if they were ever to be the Bullet Club and just started adding guys, I think I would be top of the list because theres nothing I like to do more than to go out to the wrestling ring, have some fun, share what I enjoy with the world and put smiles on faces. To work with Kofi again would be a treat because he has incredible in-ring work and what I said about being a babyface? Thats why Kofi Kingston is loved by so many fans because he is true to himself and genuine. Thats how he lives his life. I definitely want to be like that.”

Matt Sydal on his reaction to TNA changing to GFW: “Im not about being an insider. Im about being an outsider. I believe it was Shakespeare who said that a rose by any other name would be just as sweet. A name is a placeholder for a feeling. I want to create a feeling and you can call it whatever you want, as long as you can identify it.”

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