Swoggle On How Anonymous GM Storyline Was Supposed to Turn Out

– Swoggle spoke with Sports Illustrated for a new interview. Highlights are below:

On hiding under the ring while working for WWE: “When it comes to being under the ring, Id either go under before the doors opened or would get snuck under in the dark while a video package played on the screen. There were times when I was underneath for six-plus hours because it wouldnt work out to sneak me under later in the show. Id get dressed under there, have plenty of waters, and would normally bring my phone or PSP. Thankfully, I never had a bathroom emergency under the ring.”

On which WWE storyline he’d like to do over: “I would love to do the whole ‘Anonymous General Manager’ storyline again. The way it was supposed to turn out was that I was supposed to be this almost mob-boss style character with this Napoleon complex, throwing his power around while running Raw. Obviously things didnt work out that way.”

On his best WWE road story: “There are so many road stories that come to mind, its almost impossible to come up with one favorite. In a general way, I think traveling with Kofi Kingston and Curt Hawkins would have to be some of the best times I had. Those two are my two best friends that Ill ever have in wrestling. As far as road stories go, well, youll have to just wait a little longer until my autobiography comes out in the very near future.”

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