Success Of WCW Wrestler Returns May Have Lead To Return Of WarGames

Dave Meltzer said in a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via SportsKeeda) that he believes the returns of former WCW stars in WWE could have led to WWE taking more risks with WCW properties. This resulted in the return of Starrcade as a house show event and WarGames as an NXT Takeover.

When WWE originally purchased the WCW library and roster, they considered making WCW a separate show, but those plans were cancelled. WWE previously used WCW’s history for their titles as well as used the WCW World Heavyweight title for the WWE World title, as well as PPV names like The Great American Bash and Clash of Champions. Their tape library is still on the WWE Network.

There have been rumors of a return of WarGames, but it’s believed WWE only made the decision to bring it back after the success of Sting and Goldberg’s returns. Sting made his RAW debut on January 19, 2015, bring in 4.1 million viewers (up almost 200,000 from the previous week). After Wrestlemania, he continued to show up from the Post-Summerslam show until the RAW before Night of Champions. Ratings went down by about 500,000 viewers but that could also be due to the absence of Brock Lesnar and Undertaker, who were feuding at the time.

Goldberg came back on the October 17, 2016 episode of RAW, averaging 3.130 million viewers (up 375,000 from the previous week). His appearances on the RAW before Survivor Series and the RAW after Survivor Series also had increases. The post-Fastlane episode of RAW was up 123,000 viewers from the week before and the viewership kept going up before Wrestlemania 33.

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