Steve Austin Says 2001 Match With Kurt Angle Is His Favorite SummerSlam Moment

– ESPN caught up with Steve Austin during last night’s WWE Raw Reunion and asked him about his favorite WWE SummerSlam moment.

“Going back [to] 2001, working with Kurt Angle. I was working as a heel, Kurt was the babyface. Just the physicality of that match, the story that we told. In this world that we live in, I was beating his ass. Taking the crowd on that ride, championship on the line, that was my favorite SummerSlam moment, with Kurt Angle,” said Austin.

Also during the interview, Austin stated that there will never be another “Stone Cold” just like there was never another Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan. He said fans will know the next breakout star when they see him or her.

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