Some People Released By WWE Reportedly Bitter About Being Strung Along, WWE Will Not Be Releasing Wrestlers

As we reported yesterday, WWE is making more financial cutbacks, which include releasing staff members that had been previously furloughed. So far, Gerald Brisco, Mike Rotunda and Sarah Stock were cut from the company, among others that haven’t been named. Lance Storm, who was also furloughed, had been released earlier because travel restrictions prevented him from coming to the US.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, some of the fired employees are said to be bitter regarding their situation, as they believe they were strung along by WWE. They were furloughed in April and finally let go five months later.

Some people were told that they would be brought back, but that date kept getting pushed back. The bitterness also comes from WWE making record profits in their second quarter as well as spending money to hire new company President Nick Khan. The employees are mad about this because they were told the WWE didn’t want to do it and it was happening due to financial hardship. As the return date kept getting pushed back, some employees didn’t see a return as a lock and began to look for work elsewhere.

There were some that were brought back recently, while others were told they weren’t being brought back.

On a related note, while WWE is cutting back again, officials have stated that there will be no new talent releases.

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