Showcase Pro Wrestling returns to Woonsocket, RI on June 7 for a very special night

Posted on 5/09/119 by Showcase Pro Wrestling

On Friday night June 7th Showcase Pro Wrestling returns to
the SPW Arena and Training center located at 126 Main Street
Woonsocket, for a very special occasion. The Showcase roster
and their fans will be celebrating the 40th anniversary in
Professional Wrestling of their trainer, mentor, and hall of
famer Sgt. Muldoon.

Muldoon started in the wrestling business on June 4, 1979 at
the Salem, Massachusetts YMCA under the watchful eye of
Walter Killer Kowalski. Through a twenty year career of
active wrestling, Muldoon competed in every major promotion
throughout the United States, including a five year sting in
the World Wrestling Federation. He also wrestled through
Canada, The Middle East, and Puerto Rico. He has been known
by many personas over the years, including the first five
years of his career using his real name John Callahan, but
the one the fans relate with is the New York City police
officer, Sgt. Muldoon.
Muldoon stepped out of the spotlight in 1999 due to a hip
injury which would result in a hip replacement. He continued
to mentor and guide young wrestlers around New England until
he joined the Showcase Pro Wrestling training center as a
manager/trainer in 2011.
Highlights of his career include the incarnation of the
International Wrestling Federation (IWF) which was the
promotion that produced the Bedlam from Boston wrestling
show on Channel 25. Wrestling Hulk Hogan at a sold out
Boston garden in 1981, and being one of only nine wrestlers
to wrestle the Iron Sheik when he was the WWF Champion in
the early 1990s Muldoon simultaneously held both the New
England Heavyweight title, and the New England Tag Team
Championship for a period of 18 months.
To help mark this festive occasion members of the
International Wrestling Federation will be in attendance.
Scheduled to appear from the I.W.F. will be the Former World
Ladies Champion Brittany Brown, Mr. Fabulous Tony Ulysses,
Rambling Rose, The Mountie Ray Roy, The OReilly brothers
Sean and Tim, former WWF referee and ECW original Paul
Richard, Cowboy Bill Rossi, and a special surprise guest.
The event will be just a part of the all-star card of
wrestling featuring The Superstar Shawn Candido, The Sons of
Liberty Champion Carlos Estaban, SPW tag team champions
Davey & Shay Cash aka Cold Hard Cash, The Diabolical Scott
Ledeur, Big Dog Butler, Buck Nasty, Chris Matrix, Davie
Dejesus, Hellfire Chris Hades, The Bitter man Buddy Romano,
and many more.

The bell time is 7:47pm doors open at 7:17pm.
A limited number of tickets will be available at the door,
Woonsocket priced at $8 Adults, $5 kids. Tickets can be
purchased in advance online at

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