Shotzi Blackheart Loved RETRIBUTION8217s Debut, Wants Rematch With Io Shirai at NXT Takeover

RETRIBUTION’s big coming out party on last night’s Raw may not be everyone’s favorite thing, but Shotzi Blackheart loved it. Blackheart spoke with Pro Wrestling Sheet for a new interview discussing the stable’s debut on last night’s Raw as well as her participation in a women’s battle royal on this week’s NXT for an NXT Women’s Title shot. Highlights are below:

On being in the battle royal tomorrow for a chance at facing Io Shirai at NXT Takeover: I had such a fun match with Io. I would just love to get in there and do it all over again, but this time with more on the line. Especially with it being a TakeOver. That would be my first TakeOver singles match, so I would just get crazy and bring out that Evel Knievel, daredevil spirit.

On making her Smackdown debut in the triple-brand battle women’s battle royal last month: Immediately I called my dad and was like, Dad, Im gonna be on FOX! Check it out. Dont miss it.'”

On appearing in the crowd for main roster shows during the pandemic: It makes such a difference having us there. So I was really hyped for it. I dont know if youve seen the dancing GIFs that come up for me doing audience work, but I loved it. I loved supporting my coworkers, so I was all for it and I took advantage of it. And I had a good time during everyones entrances. Some people kind of view it as were looked at as fans and not wrestlers when we do this, but Im like, Uh uh. Im having the time of my life. And Im supporting my coworkers … I know how I feel at NXT TV when I see the people that I train with out in the crowd giving me that energy. It just helps so much. So I cant complain. They do it for me. I dont mind giving back.

On the RETRIBUTION debut on Raw: I think [their debut] was pretty bad ass. Dio looked like Predator. Everyone was wearing super cool masks. All of that appeals to me because I like the darker side of things and Im for it. I like masks. I like all of the black. I like the crazy face paint that theyre doing. Theyre wrecking stuff and just being destructive, Im all for it. Im like, where do I sign up?!

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