Shinsuke Nakamura On Why WWE8217s Signing of KUSHIDA Is A Big Deal

In an interview with Scott Fishman (h/t WrestlingInc), Shinsuke Nakamura talked about why KUSHIDA’s signing with WWE is such a big thing.

“KUSHIDA joined NXT, that’s huge for WWE and American wrestling history,” Nakamura said. “Experienced wrestlers around the world have options to where they wrestle and he chooses WWE / NXT. That’s kind of big for [WWE] and him.”

He was also asked if his signing with WWE has influenced top Japanese stars to also join the company.

“I don’t know,” Nakamura said with a smile. “[There are] so many options. WWE has history, that’s the difference. Also, New Japan and CMLL have history. So, we want to wrestle for legacy.”

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