Shane Taylor Says Hell Prove His Doubters Wrong With ROH World Title Match

Shane Taylor has a ROH World Title shot on the way, and he is looking to make a statement with it. It was announced over the weekend that Taylor will face RUSH for the latter’s World Title at some point in the near future, and Taylor took to Facebook to comment on the opportunity.

He wrote:

“The title is a replica (for now) but the dream isn’t…this is the image I’ll be staring at, training to, and working towards.

I was told for years there’d only ever be “ONE” at the top of the mountain…that I was wasting my time, that the ONLY way I was ever going to be successful was if I left Ring of Honor Wrestling and went somewhere else, and for years I believed it.

But now that it’s official, now that I get to compete for the #ROH World Championship, I’m going to have my opportunity to prove so many doubters wrong, and prove so many believers right.

But it’s not just about taking part, it’s about taking OVER!! I NEED to win the World Championship so I can serve as an inspiration to my girls, my community, my fans and my culture, so I can show EVERYBODY of every background that you can come from the very bottom and STILL reach the top!

The PEOPLE made this happen, and I’m going to be ready!

We just have to make history…ONE MORE TIME!”

– Brian Johnson is the guest on the latest episode of the ROHStrong podcast. You can check it out below:

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