Sgt. Slaughter Discusses Refusing to be Burn an American Flag on TV

– WWE Hall of Famer St. Slaughter was recently interviewed by WFAN this week. Below are some highlights (transcript via

Sgt. Slaughter on getting called by Vince McMahon about WrestleMania 7: “Vince McMahon had called me up after about six years of hiatus from WWE, and he said he just got out of WrestleMania 6 and wanted to do WrestleMania 7. So, he’s already looking at his main event, and he said, ‘Are you ready to go back to work?’ I said, ‘Yeah, ready.’ And he says, ‘Well, come on to my house and I’ll show you what I’ve got in mind.’ So, I figured he’s gonna take Sgt. Slaughter, G.I. Joe, the real American hero, and make him the real, real, real American hero. So I get to his house, he’s got this layout of L.A. Colosseum, 104,000 seats, and he says, ‘We want you and [Hulk] Hogan to be the main event.’ I said, ‘Okay, how are we going to make Hulk Hogan the villain?’ He said, ‘Hulk Hogan? No, he’s not going to be the villain. You’re going to be the villain!’ I said, ‘Well, how we gonna do that?'”

“So he starts laying out the Iraqi sympathizer, and you think America’s got weak, and a little country like Iraq taking over Kuwait and running the world, and you’re back and you’re not happy. I said, ‘Okay.’ He said, ‘Well, go home and talk to your family about it because it could be a little rough.’ It was [financially] beneficial, yeah. But we had bomb threats, death threats every night. I came home from back to Philadelphia after winning the title from the Ultimate Warrior in Miami at the Royal Rumble, and one of the backstage hands said, ‘Hey, have you talked to your wife?’ And I said, ‘No.’ ‘Have you talked to Vince McMahon?’ ‘No.’ We didn’t have cell phones, so, I get on the phone, my wife’s answering machine. I call Vince, ‘Oh yeah, Sgt., I just talked to your wife and I sent her to a hotel.’ I said, ‘What happened?’ Well, somebody called up the wrestling office this morning and said they’re gonna kill you, and kill me, and kill our families; Blow up our houses and cars.”

Sgt. Slaughter on refusing to burn an American flag on TV: “I took it pretty serious, and then again, I thought, well, I guess I did my job right. I never really regretted it. The only time that I ever really had a problem with it was when they wanted me to burn an American flag and I wouldn’t do that. So, I gave them a better idea: I thought, put the Hulk Hogan shirt on a flag pole and I’ll burn that and say, ‘It’s Americana!’ So, that’s what we did and I think that it got the right type of ‘heat,’ as we say in our business.”

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