Seth Rollins Expects Becky Lynch to Return, Talks WWE8217s COVID19 Tests 038 Feuding With Rey Mysterio

Seth Rollins spoke with the New York Post for a new interview discussing his feud with Rey Mysterio, WWE’s recent positive COVID-19 tests, Becky Lynch and more.

On his feud with Rey Mysterio: “Reys an absolute legend, someone whos been a vital part of our industry for 30 years, which is literally double the amount of time that Ive been in the industry. The fact that he can go at still such a high level at his experience level is still the thing that amazes me the most about Rey Mysterio. And to be wrapped up in a story with him right now is a lot of fun. Obviously the environments different without a massive live crowd. Its still really fun to interact with him, his son Dominik and to use this different type of medium, I suppose, than what were used to, to tell a story.”

On his Monday Night Messiah gimmick: “This is definitely a different thing and it came sort of surprisingly, abruptly. It reminded me a lot of, from a personal perspective, when we broke up The Shield and I was unprepared for what that character looked like. Any time you step into a new facet of your character its hard to figure out, especially when there is not a plan behind it. We didnt sit down and say, what does this character look like, who is he, how does he talk, how does he walk, what does he think, what is his motivation? It was just something that stemmed from the fan backlash last year and eventually just sort of snowballed into this, you know I dont want to call him like a cult-like hero but kind of this cult-like character that kind of channels these ideas that he has that no one else can see and stuff like that and how he has to go about doing that. Im having a blast with it. It took me a little while to kind of get my feet on the ground and get moving, but I think Ive been hitting my stride for the majority of this year.”

On Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory being named his followers: “Theyve got all the tools. Theyve got the look, the work ethic, the drive, theyve got the mental capacity to be great in this industry and we all need people to help us and guide us along the way. Triple H took me under his wing in The Authority and kind of showed me the ropes. So now its my duty to pass on that information the best way I know how. I learned from Randy (Orton) and Triple H and Kane to an extent, so to be in the opposite position now where I am the teacher, I think Murphy and Theory like I said, they have all the tools and its just a matter of giving them the right information on guiding them on their path to success. They are both going to be future stars in our industry I hope.”

On Becky Lynch staying home amid her pregnancy: “Oh, she hates it [staying home]. She doesnt hate not being around the business. Obviously, any kind of entertainment industry is gonna stress you out, so she doesnt miss that part of it. She missed the go, go, go. She missed having goals in mind. She missed having something to work toward. And its hard because Ive never been a pregnant person, so shes in a position too where shes had to just walk away and stop abruptly, her job. It wasnt like most other women who are pregnant are able to still work their jobs while theyre pregnant and slowly transition out for a short period of time. The nature of our industry, she cant do that. For her to go just a million miles an hour to nothing and then to try to figure out, What do I do now? in the middle of a pandemic as well, where there is just not a lot to do in general, is definitely a test for her. But she misses being out there and going and doing stuff and being active and having goals and career-oriented stuff. Thats just how she defined her person over the years. Its definitely a challenge for her. Shes awesome and shes getting through it, but its different for her for sure.”

On if he expects to see her return to the ring: “Oh yea, I expect so. Obviously thats gonna be up to her and how she feels. Who knows what happens after childbirth once she becomes a mother, I dont know. I believe she has aspirations to return. I think she would rather go out on her own terms whenever that time may be as opposed to stepping away for a child. I think she has aspirations to return, but I dont know. Things can change between now and December.”

On people in WWE testing positive for COVID-19: “Its been a struggle in the sense that there have just been a lot of decisions that have to be made quickly as far as travel is concerned because now that were doing added testing and those swabs every single time before these tapings, that puts you in a little bit of a hole as far as your travel is concerned because now you are going to have to leave a day early, and when you dont know you have to leave a day early until it all comes up it becomes a bit of a hassle. We had to make some changes to the taping schedule last week, which is going to force us to go back down again this week to do some more tapings. As we as a country and the world really just start to learn more about this thing, we are just trying to get a protocol in place that makes sense for everybody in WWE. Im for one extremely happy that were testing every time before we go in. That will hopefully minimize the risk of people getting sick in the Performance Center and obviously us passing it out into the general population. The fact that were testing is definitely great.

“The extra travel days is what it is, not a big deal. But this week was crazy. It was a lot of people scrambling to make decisions and to try to figure out what the best order of operations is regarding this situation since we had not had this problem yet. Luckily, I think we have some good stuff coming up as far as were gonna handle this. The communication has been a lot better toward the tail end of this than in the beginning. It was (laughs) tricky at first, but were all along for the ride.”

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