Seant Waltman Discusses Kenny Omega Signing With AEW

– During the latest edition of X-Pac 12360, former WWE Superstar Sean Waltman discussed a number of topics, including Kenny Omega signing with AEW, the loss of Pedro Morales, and the injury for Mustafa Ali. Below are some highlights.

Sean Waltman on Mustafa Ali’s concussion and being a smaller wrestler: “I thought Kofi [Kingston] did a great job, he was great and that guy is always ready for situations like that. Tough break for Mustafa [Ali], and this is the thing that we have toand when I say ‘we’ I am talking about people like MustafaI had to deal with it because I am about a similar size as he is. When you’re not working with guys your own size and everyone is way bigger than you, guys aren’t afraid to run right through you, and not even hit you in dangerous places, but just the collision alone, and sometimes it would ring your bell.”

“So, I have a little bit of a concern, I hope that’s not an ongoing theme. All I am saying, people like the bigger guys; cause I’ve been the bigger guy strangely enough. I’ve been the bigger guy working with guys like [Rey] Mysterio or other guys that I was quite a bit bigger than and it’s easy to not realize. And even with guys bigger than me cause I hit hard. I hit a guy with a clothesline last year and rung his bell pretty good and I hit him in a safe spot. I just think guys should be mindful, ‘Okay, this guy is a hundred pounds lighter than me maybe I shouldn’t hit him full on’ even if it’s in a safe spot.”

Waltman on the loss of former WWE champion Pedro Morales: “The wrestling world lost Pedro Morales I knew Pedro from all the years that I worked with WWE. From the time I first started there, he was always such a nice guy, very classy and even later on you could totally understand why someone would trust putting a world championship on a guy like that. And Pedro was ready for all types of action. That was like his catch phrase. The wrestling world is very sad and we’re hurt and we’re going to miss not having Pedro Morales around. He was a great man and I sent this in a tweet, I am honored to say that I knew Pedro Morales. So rest in peace, Pedro.”

His thoughts on Kenny Omega signing with AEW: “I think most people thought that was what was going to happen, but I know who represents Kenny so I knew it was always going to be a possibility that he’d end up in WWE. I mean I am sure they were ready to roll out the red carpet out for him and I am sure they probablyI am guessing, I am not sureI am guessing they might have flown him in somewhere, to Stamford, I don’t know, but that’s how it used to be done you know and you give them the grand tour. If you were really coveted you’d go to Vince’s house, and have a meeting with Vince. That’s how it used to be.”

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