Sean Waltman Talks About Bruno Sammartinos Hall of Fame Induction

In the latest edition of the XPac 12360 podcast, Sean Waltman and wrestling photographer George Napolitano spoke about Bruno Sammartino’s falling out with WWE, his eventual reconciliation with the company and more. Here are highlights:

Napolitano on Vincent J. McMahon’s falling out with Bruno: “He {Bruno Sammartino} just didnt like the direction they {WWE} were going, thats the way I understood it. He thought it was too sexist, it wasnt the wrestling that he knew. And he just didnt like the direction everything again is what Ive heard. He had a deal when he came back that he would get a percentage of the houses, the gates, to come back as champion, somebody then told him he wasnt getting the right cut and when he found that out he went ballistic. And he didnt want anything to do with Vince. So that was one of the reasons that kept him away, because they were at odds at how much he should have earned that he didnt earn when he came back.”

Napolitano on Bruno’s relationship with his son: “Very bad. They were on the outs. How it really started nobody knows. He {Bruno} was with David at WrestleMania one, he was in Davids corner. He was in Davids corner at WrestleMania one and he was in the battle royal at WrestleMania two. But he was with David and then something happened. David could not live up to being Brunos son. He just didnt have it. He was smaller,not as muscular. He was good for his size but not Brunos size.”

Waltman on Bruno’s HOF induction: “When Bruno finally agreed to go into the Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden. Actually, a lot of people dont know this but if Bruno didnt agree to that, DX was going to go into the Hall of Fame. There was serious talk about that and I was so happy to see Bruno reconcile with WWE.”

Waltman on companies working together: “And so Fox and ESPN are gonna have to end up working together, and I think thats the way of the future. The days of there the competition we have to destroy them. That mentality is over with. Unless, someone is coming at you like that, thats not how it works anymore. And its definitely not how it should work. Theres enough pieces of the pie out there for everyone to have a slice.”

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