Sean Waltman Set to Undergo Surgery to Fix LongStanding Injury

Sean Waltman has announced that he’s set to schedule surgery on Monday to fix a long-standing injury. The WWE Hall of Famer posted to Twitter on Thursday to note that he is meeting with an orthopedic surgeon to schedule surgery on his ACL and meniscus, something he’s had to do for a long time.

Waltman wrote:

“Meeting with my orthopedic surgeon on Monday to schedule ACL & meniscus surgery.

“I need this done even if I don’t have another match. It’s been this way since 2007. I just learned to work around it… I could still work around it, but I want to be as close to 100% as possible if I’m going to have a few more matches.”

On behalf of 411, our best wishes to Waltman on a successful surgery and quick recovery.

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