Sean Waltman Recalls Chris Jericho Beating Up Enzo Amore 8216Enzo Didn8217t Do Anything About It8217

– During the latest X-Pac 12360, Sean Waltman weighed in on the Joey Janela/Enzo Amore fight and recalled Enzo getting punked out by Chris Jericho. As you may recall, Enzo and Janela got in what Janela called the “worst fist fight ever” at a Blink-182 concert last weekend, resulting in Amora going on a Twitter rant at Janela.

Waltman scoffed at the idea of Enzo being a tough guy and recalled how Jericho, who didn’t like Enzo, once punched Enzo in the ribs and fishhooked him and Enzo didn’t do anything in response. Highlights and the full video of the show are below:

On the Enzo/Janela fight: “Of course, Enzo took and ran with it like he’s a bad ass. [Get] the f**k outta here, Enzo!”

On Enzo once getting beat up by Chris Jericho: “It’s just like, to watch him say s**t about Joey for not wanting any of that smoke. I watched Chris Jericho … Jericho was drunk, we were at the Rainbow. He f**king punched f**king Enzo in the ribs so hard. I couldn’t believe Enzo didn’t do anything about it. And then he f**king fishhooked him in his nose with his pinkie like this [demonstrates] in front of everybody, and Enzo didn’t do s**t! So where was the badass then? That’s all.”

On why Jericho did it: “He just didn’t like him. Just because of how he was, because Jericho had been around him in WWE. On tour buses and what-not. He just wasn’t a fan, and let him know. I was like, man! I would have f**king had to fight Chris. It wouldn’t have been any talks. It would have just been, ‘boom!’ But he wouldn’t have done that to me, and it’s not ’cause like, I’m a badass. It’s because he has respect for me. Man, I couldn’t believe Enzo didn’t do f**king anything! Didn’t even say anything, he just walked off. So let’s not act like we’re bad-asses, please.”

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