Sean Waltman Comments on Nicole Bass Death

– Sean Waltman appeared on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro (transcript via, here are the highlights

X-Pacs initial thoughts on how Nicole Bass passed away: I was making an assumption that, you know, maybe there were drugs involved and thats not a good thing to, its not a good assumption to make. Its wrong, you knowIts a pretty safe guess, like, if youre gonna, like, take a wild guess about someone in my industry dying. Its a pretty safe one to make, you know. So, um, and I know, you know, shes had, shes struggled the past few years. Her husband died, and she was really, they were, they had a really codependent relationship. Shethey really needed each other.

X-Pac reveals that Chyna didnt like Nicole: After she died, Nicole was like very sadduring the time they were both there, Joanie didnt like her. Because she didnt like very many of the other women. Especially somebody that comes in with the strong female gimmick. So, no. And there was even, you know, shots back and forth on Twitter and all that beforebefore Joanie passed awayAnd then, after Joanie died, Nicole was Nicole had talked shit about her before she passed, but then when she passed Nicole wasyou know said kind words. But, doesnt that happen with everyone?

X-Pac felt bad for Nicole Bass: I always felt bad for people like, you know, herpeople always made fun of her.

X-Pacs thoughts on why Kendall Jenner wore an NWO shirt: It doesnt suckmaybe she just digs the shirt, who knows? I dont care Id rather she dug us but either way.

Goldberg initially wanted his wrestling name to be The Hybrid: Goldberg first started, he come up to ScottBut he ran this idea by us about a name for himself, and hes like, what do you think of The Hybrid? I want to call myself The Hybrid. And were like, ehhh, The Hybrid, its kinda, eh, you know. And hes like, why dont you just use your name? And he goes, my names Goldberg, thats not cool. And he goes, it is cool if you make it cool. If youre cool, Goldbergs cool. Sure enough.

Why X-Pac doesnt think fantasy matches work: Those are those things where they never ever live up to the to how they look on paper. It looks like a fantasy match on paper for the guy sitting in his friggin lazy boy chair writing matches on notebook paperawfulthose fantasy matches rarely ever turn out any good.

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