Scotty 2 Hotty Reveals Origin Of How Too Cool Came Together

– Appearing on the latest episode of the Edge & Christian Pod of Awesomeness, Scotty 2 Hotty revealed how Too Cool, Scotty’s team alongside Brian Christopher, came together. Highlights are below.

On The Initial Pairing: “I floundered for a year. On the Wednesday [before WrestleMania 14], they told me I was needed for the battle royal. I go from sitting at home to being thrown in this battle royal with Brian Christopher as my partner. I had been a face all along and Brian was the top heel in the lightweight division. And they just throw us together. It made no sense.”

Pitching To Vince McMahon: “I go get a cup of coffee at catering and, in the room, Vince McMahon walks up to get coffee as well. I said, ‘Thanks for putting me on the show, I don’t know if you know me…’ I said, ‘I used to wrestle at Scott 2 Hot’ and Brian Christopher was Too Sexy. Next week on TV, we walked in, we were Too Hot, Too Sexy, and we were Too Much.”

Working with Brian: “People always assume that if you’re tag team partner, you’re best friends. But we never rode together, anywhere. Even when Too Cool started, we were just two different people. There were nights when we would barely speak to each other, then we go through the curtain, and magic.”

If you use any of the quotes above, please credit E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness with a H/T to 411mania.

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