SCOTT HALL: Scott Hall virtual meet and greet cut short after Hall starts acting weird

Posted on 10/12/120 by Colin Vassallo

A Scott Hall virtual meet and greet promoted by Dark Parlor
Originals had to be cut short after Hall was in no position
to be part of a live broadcast.

Several fans who participated and paid for this meet and
greet noted on Twitter that Hall looked out of it and under
the influence of something.

In a message on Facebook today, the owner of Dark Parlor
Originals said that Hall is back home and doing fine but
refused to go into details about what happened with him.

His health and safety is top priority and Im not going to
share personal details or information, that is not my
business to discuss, he wrote, adding that after the live
feed was cut, more items were signed for participants but
not everything was done and refunds would be issued.

The owner admitted that they made decisions on the fly and
while they learned a lot from the experience, looking back
there are some decisions that he would have made

Before we went live, we were assured that Scott was ok and
ready to go live. He wanted to interact with his fans and
encouraged it. I trusted him and thought we made the right
call, as soon we went live, he changed and acted
differently, the statement on Facebook read.

He was not acting the way he was on camera, before the
stream. If he acted the way he did on the live video, we
would not have gone live in the first place. We ended the
feed soon after and everything has been deleted. Our
intention was never to put Scott in a bad spot or in a
negative situation to make him look bad, the statement

Hall is no stranger to appearing on camera under the
influence and despite repeated attempts to get him cleaned,
it looks like the nWo original and WWE Hall of Famer fell
off the wagon again.

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