Schiavone Thinks He Got Blacklisted From WWE

– Tony Schiavone is on the promotional circuit for his new podcast. In addition to his AMA, the former WCW announcer spoke with Sporting News for a new interview. Highlights are below:

On his return to wrestling with the What Happened When podcast: I never thought I would get back into it but here I am again. Its been overwhelming. In just a couple of weeks, weve done quite well and were very excited about our podcast and very excited about the reception from everyone out there.

On a memorable interview with Roddy Piper: I remember doing an interview for the first Starrcade with Roddy Piper. Roddy faced Greg Valentine in a dog collar match at that show in 83. We did a promo for the Greensboro market with Roddy Piper. He had the dog collar. He hooked me to the dog collar and drug me back and forth as he was doing the interview. Then after it was over, he said, Are you OK? I said, Yeah. I didnt know he was going to do that but it was wonderful.

On his brief run in WWF getting him blacklisted: I left after one year there and I think he was very upset with me for leaving. I shouldnt have left. It was a terrible mistake to leave but I made a decision based on what my family needed at that time. I always thought he was angry with me for that. I know we talked after that and he was very nice to me but I just always got the feeling that me leaving really ticked him off. I may be wrong.

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