Sasha Banks Reveals What She Misses the Most About Having Fans at Events

– Another WWE Day Of: The Horror Show at Extreme Rules clip has surfaced online, featuring behind-the-scenes footage of Sasha Banks at the WWE Performance Center. Banks spoke about what she misses about working in front of live fans for WWE events. Below are some highlights and the clip:

Sasha Banks on what she misses about the fans: “About fans that I miss? If there’s for instance if a beach ball is thrown into the crowd, then it’s taken away from them, how are you going to get their attention back? What are you going to do? We don’t have that anymore. Or what if they don’t like the way something’s going, you can change their minds, I love that. You feel off their energy, and I really, really miss that, but I have been learning so much more since they’ve been gone, as well.

Banks on being ready for the fans to come back: “I’m ready for them to kind of come back. Well, I’m ready for the world to get a little bit better to figure out what they want to do for it to be amazing and open for everyone’s safety. Until then, I’m gonna keep on entertaining and you’re gonna keep on watching at home. I hope you enjoy it. But maybe it’s during these crazy times, that it’s on such a different grande scheme of things of how I look at this as a whole, since we don’t have an audience. Maybe that’s why I’m not as so, like, ‘Oh my God, what are they going to think?’ Because their opinion is really online, and the thing is I don’t have to read that, and I don’t read it. Really, my opinion is my opinion of what I think this match is going to be and what it means to me. So, if I walk through that curtain, which I will, as Two-Belt Banks, happy and knowing that I just killed it. And no one’s opinion matters but me, you know? And that’s what really makes me excited for this match. I already know that I’m going to kill it. I already know that I’m going to be fine, and I don’t have to hear anyone’s opinion about it. That’s what makes me really happy.”

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