Sammy Guevara on Finding Out He Was Facing Cody Rhodes on the First Dynamite

Bleacher Report recently interviewed AEW star and Inner Circle member Sammy Guevara. Guevara discussed facing Cody Rhodes in the first match on the first edition of AEW Dynamite. Below are some highlights.

Guevara on finding out he was wrestling Cody Rhodes for the first match on Dynamite: “I woke up and checked my phone. It was just kind of blowing up from everybody saying congrats and whatnot. And then I check, I see it. It’s kind of that moment where you’re like ‘Is this like real? Is this really happening?’ And then once I realized it was actually legit, this is actually going to happen, it’s almost like I go into work mode. OK, now the pressure’s on. This is going to be the first match in TV history for AEW. I’m the first match. Cody’s very good, I know I’m very good. But now I’ve got to prove how good I am to the most people I’ve ever competed in front of.”

Guevara on being in the Inner Circle: “It felt like a big deal because this was the first time a million people were going to see me. And so, I wanted to tell the story of Sammy Guevara the best we could. It was definitely a cool feeling, but I never feel like I’ve made it. Even now, even though I had these big matches, I’m in this group the Inner Circle, I never feel like I made it. Because then you might slack off. I feel like it’s definitely a step in the right direction, though. I’m on the right track.”

Guevara on the praise he received for the match: “When we came to the back, everybody was saying how we did such a great job. And it’s just a weird feeling for me, like ‘All right is this a joke? Who’s pranking me? Really, did we really do that awesome a job that everybody’s saying that we did?’ But everybody kept telling me they loved the match even the next week, so I knew it was more than just people happy in the moment.”

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