Ruthless Pro Wrestling October 10 Erie, MI results

Posted on 10/12/120 by Leonard Brand


ERIE - Ruthless Pro Wrestling at Burgers & Beer: Rod Lee won
a battle royal...Zach Thomas pinned Percy Drews...Dre Jacobs
& TJ Meyer defeated Mitch Hewitt & Jheras Grey...Kenny Urban
pinned Justin Pilgrim...Joseph Schwartz defeated Asmodeus &
Ace Myles...Justin Kyle pinned Dread King
Logan...Heavyweight champion Sam Beale pinned Jason
Page...Madman Pondo pinned Poindexter...John Wayne Murdoch &
Reed Bentley defeated Chuck Stein & Mathias Thrasher...Akira
pinned Tommy Vendetta...Neil Diamond Cutter pinned Alex

Leonard Brand

Notes: The final 4 matches of the show were deathmatches.

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