Rusev Says Big E Is One of His Favorite Humans

In a new video for his Twitch channel (reposted to Youtube), Rusev spoke about his matches with Big E, calling the New Day member one of his ‘favorite humans.’

He said: “Allstate Arena, me and Big E, I remember that match. You know, I remember that match because it was so short. It was like a probably eight-minute match, you know. That was my first initial thing when I got to WWE, like one of my first, like, pay-per-views. Me and Big E…I love E, man. He’s one of my favorite humans and he’s such a nice guy. We got to work and after the match, Kane came. He’s like, ‘Wow, guys, that was a really good match. I was like, ‘what, we just had eight minutes.’ He’s like, ‘no, it was short, but it was so good. It was really a freaking good match.’ Big E, you know, he hasn’t been that much longer on the main roster than me. It’s always good when a veteran comes in and tells you that you did good, especially cause, I mean, it’s Glenn, it’s Kane, a legend. He’s been there forever. He’s done it all. He won it all. And for him to come and tell us this was not necessary. But he did it because he meant it. That’s why I always remember this match. And I always remember working with Big E because that spear through the ropes always makes me spit blood.

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