Rusev 8216I Wanted to Kill Rusev Day Forever8217 and Connor Casey recently interviewed WWE Superstar Rusev. Below are some highlights.

His thoughts on Rusev Day as a gimmick and how he wanted to kill it at one point: “I feel like it’s real, man. I think it’s organic. After the first Rusev Day run, we did great, and all of a sudden, there was nothing for it for one reason or another. But, and then after that was done, I wanted to kill Rusev Day forever. I wanted to be done, I hate like repeating stuff, right? But at the same time, now the people have embraced it so well that, I mean, I can’t fight it.”

On wanting to give the fans what they want: “If that’s what they want, of course I’m gonna give ’em what they want, because I care what they think. And I want them to be happy every time when they see me. When I leave, I want ’em to be like ‘Man, Rusev, Rusev Day.’ So yeah, we’re full on running with it. And I love seeing it, I love all the fan support, and it’s just amazing to see that something can be gone for so long. And with peoples’ love and appreciation they bring it back. And now it’s running wild, brother.”

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