Ruby Soho Debuts At AEW All Out

Ruby Soho On Not Knowing What Went Wrong In WWE

During her appearance on Oral Sessions, Ruby Soho spoke about her run in the WWE and not really having a good feeling for what went wrong. Here’s what she had to say:

I wish I knew. Like I said, it came as a huge shock to me. And there were a lot of ones that I didnt see coming. I liked my job at the time, I liked it. I didnt have any problems. I loved the locker room so much. I love the women, especially the Smackdown womens locker room. That was some of the best times of my life because those women are absolutely incredible people. Liv [Morgan] and I were working our asses off to try to be the most cohesive tag team we possibly could. I have no idea really what I was missing or what didnt work. Obviously, I fit better somewhere else and I felt that the moment that I came out at All Out. I was like this is where Im meant to be. This is where Im supposed to be. AEW, these are my people. This is the place I feel the most at home. But like I said, I dont know. I dont know what happened. I wish I did. But I didnt talk to a lot of people there. I tried to, but I didnt get a lot of feedback while I was there. So I didnt always know if there was something that I was doing wrong.

You can listen HERE.

Credit: Oral Sessions. H/T 411Mania.

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