RTruth Says Vince McMahon Knows How Entertaining He Can Be

R-Truth recently spoke with City Pages. Highlights are below.

On Vince McMahon recognizing how great an entertainer he is: “Hell call me out on it. If I do something that he thinks dont have R-Truth in it, hell call me out and ask me whats going on. He knows how entertaining I can be and I am.

On how he loves to entertain: “I just liked entertaining people, man. I like the feeling it gives me. I was performing when I was in middle school, being the class clown. I like laughter. I like humor. I like positive, good things, and entertainment is just positive.”

On how the 24/7 title has allowed him to reinvent himself: “Im reinventing myself. I have so many millennials now that just know me as, Oh, you were that dude back in the Attitude Era. I feel like this has reminded people that Im not new to this, Im true to this.”

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