Rosemary On Her Relationship With Taya Valkyrie, Match at Impact Hard to Kill

Rosemary is set to team with Crazzy Steve against Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K at Hard to Kill, and discussed the bout as well as her relationship with Taya Valkyrie in a new interview. Women’s Wrestling Talk passed along the following quotes from the Demon Assassin’s recent appearance on their show; you can check out highlights below as well as the full video:

On being a regular tag team with Valkyrie: Well, yes, we’ve reiterated multiple times the fact that who possibly could know you better than someone you’ve been to battle with you you are at your most raw, your most exposed and your most honest on the battlefield. Therefore, step one you have had extensive, extensive issues with is going to know you on a much deeper level. The Valkyrie and the Demon have gone to war so many times. And we and we know each other so well, that when we decided, we say decided, when we were commanded by the shadow to form an alliance with her, it was not difficult to do so because we already knew her so well. And the fact that we became so dominant as a tag team, leading up into the announcement of the tag team titles, by being returned to Impact, we really knew that we had something there because we could rely on her to be where we needed her to be and vice versa.”

On her match at Hard to Kill: In the most immediate future, the most ideal, the most ideal path, the most ideal reality to manifest, would be if the Valkyrie was to win the Knockouts championship this Saturday and then down the road we were to capture the tag titles and bring all the belts into the fold bring the power brings the control into Ragnarok and then Hmm, well what happens to people who have power people gravitate towards them people are drawn to power so we were together all the power to ourselves, and then build upon this alliance bring more into the fold. Be able to go out and capture the rest of the titles and Impact Wrestling. We already have seen the return of our dear brother crazy Steve into Impact Wrestling. While we have not had too many interactions with him as of yet just know that we are talking and when the time is right when the shadow was ready for our brother crazy still too Crazzy Steve to realign with the demon assassin. That would be as you said, trouble for anyone involved.

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