Ronda Rousey Praises WWE Womens Division, Thinks They Are Finding Their Stride Without Her recently interviewed former Raw women’s champion Ronda Rousey, who discussed tonight’s season finale for Total Divas. This will end her run on the show. Below are some highlights.

Rousey on being apprehensive about joining the show: “I hadnt had very good experiences with reality television in the past, so I was really apprehensive in the beginning, and I was really hesitant to be involved. But you know, I gave everybody a chance and Im so glad I did because I really feel like Ive made some lifelong friendships because of it. And Im really appreciative that I got to be part of it, you know, just for the experience more than anything. That I got to really get to know all these girls and form all these close relationships and its one of those, you know, face to face that Im glad that I took.

Rousey on the women welcoming her with open arms: “I feel like Ive had reasons to stay pretty guarded and closed off for a while now, and to kind of have these women really welcome me with open arms and really surpass my expectations. It is one of the most encouraging experiences Ive ever been part of. They really got me to open up again on a level that I dont think I ever would have without this show.

Ronda Rousey on if she will return to the ring: “I think I need to figure out a different way of doing it. To be able to not have to choose career over family or family over career and kind of find that happy medium. Right now, I think my family needs my undivided attention. Im happy to give them that. But Im trying to figure out a way or a system or somehow that I could give both my family and WWE the best of me and not be half ass in both.

Her thoughts on the women’s division in WWE without her: “The girls are doing amazing right now I really dont think that Im that necessary in whats going on. I think theyre crushing it and I really did want to bring a spotlight to what theyre doing and let them stand in it. And I think its kind of better, theyre better off with me taking a step away right now, and kind of finding their stride without me. And I would love to add to what theyre doing. I dont want to ever be a hindrance or take away from what theyre doing or steal the spotlight from some up and coming girls that deserve it more than me.

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