Rollins Says In Cashing Money in the Bank at WM 31 Was His Idea

– Seth Rollins discussed his cashing in Money in the Bank at WrestleMania 31, his upcoming match with Brock Lesnar and more during his appearance on The E&C Pod of Awesomeness. Highlights are below per Wrestling Inc:

On cashing in his Money in the Bank shot at WrestleMania 31: “I ended up winning the Money In The Bank in May, or April, or June, or whenever that was, after the [heel] turn. It would have to have been May, or June, or something, and then going in to WrestleMania the next year, I had that briefcase and there were no plans for me to use it and, so, I came up with one. That was my idea. I had the idea in my head almost as a, well, I mean, why the hell not? It’s never been done, and strangely, I had a little bit of foresight in the sense that I saw how the momentum with Roman [Reigns] was shifting toward going in to that WrestleMania. It’s four years ago now but I remember going in to that Royal Rumble, the fans were staring to – this was the beginning of the, ‘Ah, we hate Roman,’ thing. And I felt the tide starting to turn, and I remember not politicking, but working my way in to this triple threat match with [Brock] Lesnar and [John] Cena at that Royal Rumble. This was in Philadelphia. I knew we had a decent match, there is a lot of energy in Lesnar matches and, John, obviously as well. So, I just wanted to try to just hang with those guys because I thought it would just be good for me to be in their company. They were on a different echelon at that point, I just want to be in their company. If I can be seen as an equal to those two, if even for one night, that’s gonna push my stock through the roof. So, we went out in the middle of the show and just killed it. The match was way better than I could have even expected. The crowd was on another level, and so, I was very satisfied coming back. And again, that was sort of the time when the crowd was starting to do what they were doing with Roman. And I just felt this thing – this energy. I saw it coming, I knew they were kinda gonna take a dump on [Reigns] when he won the Rumble, and they did. And I remember the next day, again, having the conversation with Hunter. This was for the second time because I had pitched the idea a little bit at the end of the year before, and I just wanted to remind him that I have this idea on the table. I think it’s a pretty good one and even if it’s not the idea, it could easily be a contingency plan if the main event at WrestleMania doesn’t come together the way you see it. Just, keep it in the back of your head, ya know? Yeah, I pitched the idea and I strongly felt like it was a good one. I felt like I was the guy. Again, I went to him and said, ‘I want the ball.'”

On facing Lesnar at WrestleMania 35: “From an emotional standpoint, I’m stoked. I really can’t wait for it. I think, last year’s WrestleMania, I was excited going in to the triple threat match, but – it wasn’t a low pressure situation, WrestleMania is WrestleMania – but this one’s the high pressure situation. This is the one that I wanted. And whether or not we’re the main event or Ronda [Rousey] and Becky [Lynch] is the main event, to me, this is the one I wanted. When I was fourteen years old and I said, ‘I want to main event WrestleMania,’ this is the one. To be able to, now I’m almost thirty-three, so to be able to have that, and to be able to go in to the next couple months to build to that moment, and to have the audience on my side, have them really just want me to take that title off of Lesnar, it’s really an exciting time and I’m looking forward to making some magic with him. He’s one of the people, love him or hate him, he’s one of the best performers in the WWE.”

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