Rob Van Dam Takes More Shots At AEW And The Elite

On Tuesday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, Rob Van Dam explained his heel turn on Rhino and then said that without him, there would be no Daniel Bryan, Kenny Omega or the Young Bucks. He also accused wrestlers of this generation of stealing his moves. He continued that line of thinking on Twitter with a series of posts making fun of their size, as well.

He wrote: “People who think their opinions are facts are really ignorant. According to my values- which are the only ones that matter to me-Impact is way better than whatever else youre marking out on. Most of those All Petite cuts dont even look like professional wrestlers. Truthfully, I was a small 235 lb wrestler because the average guys were closer to 300 lbs and I was the only one creating and doing RVD moves. Now the average wrestler is 190 lbs and they all do my shit. Elite= petite.

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