REVIEW: Titus O'Neil autobiography

Posted on 8/08/119 by Alan Wojcik

Review of Titus O'Neil Autobiography

"You will have a major positive vibe in your mind and body
when you finish reading this book."

Living the "American Dream" is something everyone aspires to
achieve. WWE Superstar TITUS O'NEIL has definitely achieved
it ten fold. He has traveled the world and his positive
outlook on life and philanthropy has affected thousands. He
was an All-American HS Football player and graduated from
the University of Florida before he joined World Wrestling
Entertainment. But it almost never came to be reality.
Because O'Neil (real name Thaddeus Bullard) faced major
challenges in his youth that would derail anyone's dreams.
One of the challenges was overcoming the dreaded "he's a bad
kid" label that is placed on many children of all ethnic
backgrounds. Things obviously worked out for him and its the
catalyst for him telling people how he became the person he
is today. The book is titled "THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A BAD
release, ECW Press, 240pp, $27.95 US) and is co-written by
Paul Guzzo.

There is so much to talk about and I don't want to spoil the
journey. I will be upfront: this is a NOT a professional
wrestling story filled book. Mr. Bullard/O'Neil brings it up
in the work; if you came expecting in-depth stories about
his career, you will be disappointed. I will say he does
bring up the infamous slip and slide incident in Saudi

Back to the big topic, Bullard grew up in south Florida and
right from the start he was dealt a horrible hand by life
that I cannot mention without getting emotional. Throughout
his youth he was hit with that "bad kid" label despite doing
well in school. Thanks to some intervention by school
teachers and some youth outreach programs, Bullard got
involved with the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch. It was not a
immediate natural fit for a black child from the mean
streets of South Florida and Bullard outlines his struggles
in sometimes stark detail. In case you are not getting the
message, this is a story of coming from the one of the worst
situations for someone of any skin color to the shining

With help from Mr. Guzzo, Bullard talks about the tools he
uses to this day to make himself a positive person to his
own children, the hundreds of millions of wrestling fans he
sees on the road as well as the Tampa Bay community he calls
home today. You will have a major positive vibe in your mind
and body when you finish reading this book.

This book is on sale nationwide in stores as well as the
normal online retailers. Thanks to Susannah Ames of ECW
Press ( and the WWE for giving the honor
once again of reviewing their books. Follow Titus through
social media on through @TitusOneilWWE. Follow me on social
media @MyNameIsWojcik on Twitter and

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