REVIEW: Conor McGregor: Notorious Documentary

Posted on 12/07/117 by Alan Wojcik

Hear an interview with film director Gavin Fitzgerald from
the award winning MMA TALK SHOW hosted by @TheLegalManMarc
(@MMATalkShow) through this link:
https://OutsideInterference.podbean.comLets go school this mother fu$ker. That is the opening
words of Gavin Fitzgeralds (@GavFitzgerald on Twitter)
amazing documentary on current UFC Lightweight & former
Featherweight champion the Notorious Conor McGregor who
has 6.69 million followers on Twitter. The film is simply
titled NOTORIOUS (Universal Home Entertainment,
@McGregorFilm on Twitter).

Those opening words were spoken as McGregor leaves his
McMansion in Las Vegas as he heads to fight Jose Aldo who
at that point in history was the undefeated Featherweight
champion for ten years. Quickly we transport forward to
round three of McGregors second bout with Nate Diaz then
backwards to Dublin, Ireland 2012 where we find McGregor
quitting his job to train full time with his goal of being
signed by UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships for non-fans
of Mixed Martial Arts.) While competing in the Cage Warriors
promotion, Conor and girlfriend Dee Devlin are living with
his family while getting letters from the Irish Debt Bureau.

Mr. Fitzgerald uses his full access to McGregors life to
tell the background on the nearly homeless fighters
meteoric rise to the top of the MMA and the sports world
overall. After his win on a UFC on Fuel TV special, the rise
begins in UFC and we land in May 2015 at the palatial
McMansion. Also living at the McMansion with McGregor and
Devlin are Head Coach John Kavanagh and several other vital
members of his team who have been by McGregors side from
day one. To the non or even casual MMA watcher, what
McGregor goes through to train for Aldo (including working
through a knee injury unannounced to the public until this
film) would make anyone else on earth pass out from

We also are witness to the commercial shoots, media
appearances, meetings with UFC honchos Lorenzo Fertitta &
Dana White, a visit from Arnold Schwarzenegger, signing of
UFC memorabilia and pre-fight routines that made McGregor
champion. Being in a 10,000 seat arena for a weigh-in (yes
just the weigh-in ceremony) & the locker room moments before
McGregor enters the Octagon is a surreal feeling.

For the UFC/MMA fans, the film covers the Aldo fight (and
delay from Aldos broken rib), his interim title win against
Chad Mendes and the two bloody wars with Nate Diaz. The film
ends with the images leading to the historic boxing match
with Floyd Mayweather but is not seen. I watch UFC/MMA on a
casual basis and must say I have a new appreciation for the
men and women who train and compete in the sport. The
torture they put their bodies through just to even enter the
Octagon let alone fight five rounds that are five minutes
each is amazing.

As someone who loves film as an art form, Mr. Fitzgerald
beautifully captures the24-7 positive vibe that exists in
the McMansion and the training camps for each fight. That
vibe alone made me watch the film three times before typing
this review & made me a lifelong fan of Mr. McGregors. The
groups positive vibe even after the tapout loss to Diaz is
inspiring. Fitzgerald, cinematographer Darragh Mccarthy and
his editor Andrew Hearne seamlessly blend their footage with
UFC PPV action for a near perfect film.

For more information including how to buy the film on DVD or
digital download, log onto #

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