Reveal of Lesnars Jump to Raw Moved Up Over Saudi Travel Incident

– Brock Lesnar’s quitting Smackdown and move to Raw was not originally set to be revealed until this week, with the Saudi Arabia travel delay causing the change. As you likely know, Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out on Friday’s episode of Smackdown, with Heyman announcing that Lesnar would be quitting Smackdown and moving to Raw so he could go after Rey Mysterio. It was reported on Sunday morning’s Wrestling Observer Radio that this was originally planned to be revealed on the official debut of WWE Backstage on Tuesday, but was moved up due to the issues most of the roster had in getting out of Saudi Arabia.

WWE had teased “huge news” for Tuesday’s Backstage involving the show’s first guest, which is believed to have meant to be about Lesnar moving brands. Lesnar was drafted to Smackdown a couple of weeks ago, and while they were not originally scheduled for Friday’s episode the change was made after most of the roster couldn’t get out of Saudi Arabia.

Lesnar is scheduled to appear on Monday’s episode of Raw, and the WWE Championship is expected to switch brands with Lesnar which leaves Bray Wyatt as the sole main event champion on Smackdown.

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