RETRIBUTION Teases More Dissension Following Last Night8217s Raw

RETRIBUTION is seriously on the rocks after last night’s episode of Raw, teasing more internal issues today. Last night’s episode saw Mustafa Ali go on a rant against the group after T-BAR and MACE lost to The New Day, asking how much longer they were going to keep failing him and how much longer he has to deal with “this crap” from them before walking away. On Twitter today, the members of the group took to Twitter to share their own frustrations with Ali.

RECKONING wrote, How much longer do WE have to deal with this crap…” while SLAPJACK shared a couple unhappy emoji tweets, and T-BAR defended himself and MACE. T-BAR indicated he was speechless about Ali’s rant in his tweet. Ali, meanwhile, wrote:

Theres a difference between a bad driver and bad directions.”

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