Renee Paquette Admits She Expected To Have Short ShelfLife When She Started In Wrestling 038 Broadcasting

In a recent interview on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Renee Paquette discussed her mindset when she started in wrestling and broadcasting, females taking on more lead roles in sports broadcasting, and much more. Here are some of the highlights:

Renee Paquette on thinking she’d have a short shelf-life when she got into wrestling broadcasting: I always felt like, when I first started getting into this world, Man, my shelf-life is going to be short! Youve only got so long!’ You hit 35, and youre like ancient’. I dont think thats the case anymore.

On females taking on lead roles in sports broadcasting: Were seeing more women able to really hold that spot down. Were tacking years onto our careers now it feels, and theres something really, really special about that – to not feel that pressure like God, Id better hurry up and achieve all my goals by the time Im 30, because then Im washed up and cant work any more! Honestly, most people, men and women, dont hit their stride until their mid-30s! You have the experience under your belt. You know your voice and your tone and what you want to do as a broadcaster more. Its really nice to hit that sweet spot and not feel like youve got to hurry and wrap it up just as youre hitting your stride.”

On the difficulties of females staying in peak physical condition in their 30s: That s–t is such hard work, and they maintain it and look incredible. So for anyone to be like, Well, I dont knowShes getting a little old! Take a seat. Take several seats!

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