QT Marshall Doesn8217t Want The Nightmare Factory To Be AEW Performance Center

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, QT Marshall spoke about his wrestling school The Nightmare Factory and how he doesn’t want it to become a Performance Center for AEW. Here are highlights:

On the differences between himself and fellow Nightmare Factory partner Danny Cage: “Our similarities are that we’re both very honest. I feel that you have to be honest with the people that are paying you. At the same time, I’m not a babysitter. I don’t force people to come to training and if you don’t wanna come to training, then that’s on you.”

On deciding which trainees get referrals: “When they come and ask for a [referral], I just ask them if they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing. They know when they’re asking me, as soon as I flip the question they know if they’ve done everything they need to do to deserve that opportunity. It took me 16 years of hard work and lots of training. I spent over $15,000 on wrestling training through seminars and tryouts. I don’t wanna give these guys a free pass to the next level because it’s gonna look bad on me. It’s hard enough and I’ve gotta hold onto my reputation. I don’t want anyone else ruining it for me.”

On how Glacier (Ray Lloyd) got involved with his school: “I met Ray a long time ago in Orlando when I was living down there. I did a couple of local shows for him and he was very impressed of me at 24 wearing a suit to the show and dressing for the part. So at WrestleMania week in Orlando, I saw him. We started chatting and he said, ‘Oh, you live in Atlanta? I have a house in Atlanta. If you ever want help with your school, I’ve got this guy who trains football players and has this amazing facility.'”

On his relationship with Cody: “It’s weird I am to Cody what Ray kinda was to Dusty because Ray used to help Dusty out at his school. Now Cody and I are helping at the school together and Brandy’s there as well. It’s surreal how this stuff comes full circle.”

On the Nightmare Factory as the AEW Performance Center: “I don’t think we’re gonna go there because I don’t wanna pigeon-hole all of the athletes because that cuts out half of the dream. We’ll see as I’m down for anything. But right now we’re training as many people as we can and a couple of our athletes have been picked up by AEW. Luckily, the good part of what’s been going on in the world is that this has given lots of locals opportunities. The ones that I present are always gonna be the ones that check all of the boxes and do everything they’re asked to do. I’ve got 60 students and they all want jobs. But I tell them this isn’t how it works and they shouldn’t get spoiled.”

On Dustin Rhodes possibly opening his own wrestling school: “He’s asking me a lot of questions about the ins and outs and stuff like that. I told him if you have a passion for teaching, that’s all you need. All of the bells and whistles are great, but there’s a lot of people who have bells and whistles but they don’t have the passion to teach and their schools don’t succeed.”

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