Pro Wrestling All Stars October 9 Melvindale, MI results

Posted on 10/12/120 by Leonard Brand


MELVINDALE - Pro Wrestling All Stars at Play Atlantis: Geo
Bronco pinned Alex Van Zant...Sean Tyler pinned Darian
Ultra...Isiah Frazier & Mikey Baker defeated Mikey Mana &
Alex Cluckey...The Soultaker defeated LJ Lawrence by
disqualification...Peter B. Beautiful & Ric Caurdiea vs
Chuck Stein & Sean Lawhorn vs Jheras Grey & Jimi Grey tag
belts awarded to Peter B. Beautiful & Chuck Stein when they
both scored a pin at the same time...Atlas Hytower defeated
Steve Rivera & Zach Main in a handicap match...Mysterious
Movado defeated champion Tanner Nix, Percy Drews, & Money
Green to win the Cruisercore belt...Junior champion TJ Meyer
pinned Mitch Hewitt...Heavyweight champion Dread King Logan
pinned Tommy Vendetta.

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