Pro Wrestling All Stars August 29 Brownstown, MI results

Posted on 9/02/121 by Leonard Brand


BROWNSTOWN - Pro Wrestling All Stars at the Victory Gym: Sean
Lawhorn pinned The Spider...Mikey Mourner pinned Justin
Tyme...Tony Garrix defeated Trevor Straud & Dontae
Casson...Daniel Wolf, Iron Eagle, & Top Gun defeated Frank
Isaac Anderson, Wesley Spears, & Dean Hendrix...Royce Carney
III defeated Tanner Nix & Rod Lee...Darian Ultra & Lamario
Starr defeated J-Sinn & Brutus Atwell...Blake 182 defeated
Solo in a 2/3 falls match...LJ Lawrence & Atlas Hytower
defeated Tag Team champions Alex Van Zant & Forever Young in a
non title match.

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