Phony Lana Snapchat Account Leaked Fake Sex Tape, Lana Reacts to the News

TMZ Sports reports that someone leaked a sex tape video on Snapchat that was apparently designed to look like WWE Superstar Lana. According to sources close to Lana, she is not in the leaked sex tape video in question.

While there were multiple reports stating that Lana’s personal Snapchat account got hacked, this is apparently not the case. The Snapchat account that published the video reportedly does not belong to Lana. However, the account was said to have been created with the intention to look like it belongs to Lana.

A source added that the voice in the video is not hers, stating, “The voice in the clip is clearly not her.” Additionally, the report notes that WWE is investigating the situation. They have not yet reached back out to comment on it.

Previously, her social media accounts were targeted by hackers, which happened to her last October. However, this specific instance just seems to be a case of an identity hoax rather than hacking.

It appears Lana is taking today’s news in stride. She later liked a fan tweet stating the person in the video is not her. Later on, it appears she posted a reaction to the news on her Twitter account, which you can see below.

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